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New album "Resistance"

is OUT
It's going to be a real banger !!!


+++ news +++

In the UK Songwriting Contest 2024,

the song “Powerful Evil” from the current album “Resistance”

was awarded with 4 sTARS.    07/2024

read the interesting interview at Music of the future.
A fantastic platform for unknown artists and bands.
MOTF thank you very much for your support  03/2024


Listen on my producer site to the spiritual rock Band Lightrim.

Four songs produced, co-composed, arranged, mixed & mastered by me.

Excellent quality result.   12/2023 

My dear ones,
I wish you a Merry Christmas and a healthy, successful 2024. 
My new album is on its way. 12/2023
Exciting news before the end of the year.
The Austrian radio station
has added my music to their program.  11/2023
This is a real hit !
I was accepted into the "HALL OF FAME" at AKADEMIA MUSIC AWARDS  Los Angeles USA.
A great honor and recognition of my musical performances.
Mixing & Mastering of a pure Rock song of a very young talented US band.
With the support of Cambridge Music Technology.
Thanx a lot. Listen to Production.  08/2023 
Mix- & Mastering by Don Tocabajo
Genre: Pop Rock
Studio Live Recording 2012
All audio files have been engineered and recorded by TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik 07/2023
Mixed & mastered NWOBH-Metal song to listen (Production).
Special thanks to Cambridge Music Technology.  07/2023
Listen to my latest Mixing & Mastering Project "Classic Rock" (Production)
Studio Live Recording Los Angeles with Roswell Micro Mini K47
Thank you to Roswell Pro Audio.   06/2023
+++ As a contribution to minimizing emissions and protecting the environment,
I am reducing my Internet presence. 
My official pages that I know are listed and linked on this website.  
Social networks are not supported.
I do not want to strain my nerves in the face of self-appointed critics,
do-gooders and moralists who want to know everything better but have no idea.  
For questions, suggestions, criticism, praise, bookings and more,
you can use my official website and e-mail address. +++ 04/2023
+++ Declaration +++
The works I arrange and compose were and are created free of artificial intelligence (AI).
Without warranty for external works / submissions.
 +++ From now on you can also find me at Sound & Recording as Producer +++