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 +++ NEWS +++ 


Exciting news before the end of the year.
The Austrian radio station
has added my music to their program.  11/2023
This is a real hit !
I was accepted into the "HALL OF FAME" at AKADEMIA MUSIC AWARDS  Los Angeles USA.
A great honor and recognition of my musical performances.
Mixing & Mastering of a pure Rock song of a very young talented US band.
With the support of Cambridge Music Technology.
Thanx a lot. Listen to Production  08/2023 
Mix- & Mastering by Don Tocabajo
Genre: Pop Rock
Studio Live Recording 2012
“All audio files have been engineered and recorded by TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik" 07/2023



Mixed & mastered NWOBH-Metal song to listen (Production).
Special thanks to Cambridge Music Technology  07/2023
Listen to my latest Mixing & Mastering Project "Classic Rock" (Production)
Studio Live Recording Los Angeles with Roswell Micro Mini K47
Thank you to Roswell Pro Audio   06/2023


The Mastering Contest is on.
The song I mastered was submitted.
I'm very curious what the jury says about it and whether I will win a award.
Let's wait and see  05/2023
As a contribution to reducing emissions and protecting the environment,
I am reducing my internet presence.
The official sites I recognise are listed and linked on this website.  
Social networks are not supported.
For questions, suggestions, criticism, praise, booking and more,
my official website and e-mail address can be used. 04/2023


The works I arrange and compose were and are created free of artificial intelligence (AI).
Without warranty for external works / submissions.


The head is still smoking. More training completed.
Again learned a lot about mixing & mastering with various instructors at Udemy and others.
It's just fantastic what you can do with DAW's and peripherals.
Also exciting which ways and tricks other sound engineers use. 02/2023


Wow, new year 01/2023 starts great.
As I had already announced, my song "E-Prelude" from the album "Booster"
was awarded 4 out of 5 STARS in the UK Songwriting Contest 2022.
That means :
Fours Star songs show a very good understanding of songwriting form,
composition and songwriting ability, although in the opinion of the judges these songs
were not quite as strong as the five star songs entered in that same year.
These songwriters demonstrate a good knowledge of the craft songwriting
and show definite and clear songwriting ability.
This is regarded as a very good, high rating by the judges.
Some Four Star songs are awarded a Commended Entry Certificate where the
songwriting ability and talent demonstrated by the writers
deserves this recognition in the opinion of the judges. 
A Four Star rating is equivalent to at least a Grade Four level pass in music grade exam terms.
Wish you all a happy holiday season and a healthy and prosperous new year 2023.
Let it rock !


A magnificent project is on the way.
It is an honor to produce a rock album with Senara Maria Aarenstedt.
A renowned singer with a sensitive and powerful voice with recognition value.
She already presented her excellent vocals in the band "Desire" as well as in "L.O.D." All-Girl-Band,
which played as support act for Uriah Heep, Hank Davidson and Alvin Lee.
Both bands were exceptionally praised by several magazines and
also in the rock magazine "Thunderbolt".


From now on you can also find me at Sound & Recording as Producer