2021-01-05 21:10 GLOBAL MUSIC AWARD / The year starts excellently. The album "Ad Gustum" was awarded the bronze medal 2020 at the GLOBAL MUSIC AWARD, for originality, creativity & experimental. It is simply beautiful. 
2020-12-17 20:21 I am overwhelmed by this review of the album Ad Gustum. The people at Arc of Music are true experts. This detailed album analysis is simply outstanding. Of course also the result to it, which I can be very proud of. But read it yourself and write me what you think about it. How did you listen to the album Ad Gustum ?
Review & Preview
2020-12-16 18:18 Review 2020 & Preview 2021. Christmas & New Year's Eve will be more limited in 2020. The two celebrations will be quieter and more controlled this year. Despite Covid-19 pandemic, however, most of us can be satisfied because you are healthy, thank God. And you can't buy health. I am satisfied to be healthy, to have received some awards & to have started new projects. I hope for everyone else's sake that they get through this difficult time well. I look forward with confidence to 2021. It won't start out great but there is hope with the new vaccine against Covid-19. With that, we will all be able to come together again slowly but surely. Wish you all the best  
2020-12-01 20:20 What a surprise ! The song "Sweet Waste" from the awarded album "Ad Gustum" won the Semi Final as "Best Music Track Of The Month / November 2020" of the "AMERICAN TRACKS MUSIC AWARDS" 
New Music Is Coming
2020-11-30 18:19 Wow, new music is coming. With Alienshake we started working on new ideas again. It's a lot of fun.The new Don T. album is on the way. Last steps to the finalization are still to be made.Soon it is so far with the release. It's just exciting so much new music.Oh yes, I have upgraded. From now on I work with the new Presonus studio software Studio One 5 Professional for recording, mixing, mastering. For this purpose, the virtual instruments Substance from Output and Massiv X from Native Instruments have been added. The whole programs are awesome.